Telematics System


Is your auto insurance company looking to expand your customer base with customer telematics and informatics? Are you looking to nurture your current clients, to build upon and establish partnerships that deliver tangible business benefits to your customers? If the answer is yes, then you can count on us.

There are many ways to successfully do both of these. Regardless of your unique business challenges, Xemplar’s mobile-based telematics app offers to take your auto insurance business with telematics solutions to a whole new level of customization and the ease of use.

But let’s start with the basics first. Simply put, what are telematics systems . . . and where does Xemplar fit into the grand scheme of your auto insurance business? How can one little mobile application so drastically transform your company’s efficiency and ability to crunch big numbers? Here’s how:

Insurance telematics on mobile devices is reshaping the auto insurance sector. Mobile telematics system is one that integrates Smartphone sensors data with data analytics into road safety, road transportation, and fleet systems. Xemplar telematics taps the power of Smartphone and it is hardware sensors with big data analytics to receive, track, record, and analyze real-time data on their policyholders’ driving patterns, allowing them to craft policies and insurance premiums that reflect the unique nature of their drivers’ habits, and reduce the loss ratios of accidents. Xemplar assigns each driver a drive score on a scale of 5 based on their analytical driving patterns, with 5 being the top driver.

Insurance carriers have always been striving towards solving two key issues of the industry: the ability to examine claims for accuracy, and the ability to drive down policy premium prices by forecasting driving risks. Understanding the needs of the industry, Xemplar’s mobile telematics solution provides the ultimate solution to these two conundrums, allowing auto insurers to make roads safer ahead of time by managing risk on both the driving end as well as on the road.