Telematics Services


Telematics services providers in United States of America are vying for one another to provide the best telematics services to insurers. To reach at the right telematics company for solutions on mobile, you need to do a little bit of research. Xemplar understands that making the transition to a highly advanced telematics solution can be stressful and overwhelming -- and we want the end result to give you the bang for your buck. We want our products to be there for you every step of the way long after we install it.

Navigation from telematics determines the safety of vehicle as well as driver. Value-added telematics services are the future of insurance telematics. Price discount practices are the driving force behind the vast majority of telematics solutions sales. Growing concerns over modern road safety has led to the government mandated implementation of telematics systems in vehicles around the United States. Similarly, as UBI models fast become the norm in auto insurance -- approximately 36% of all auto insurance carriers worldwide are projected to utilize UBI programs by 2020 -- insurers and telematics providers will need to offer more than just low prices if they hope to successfully expand their consumer base. And fast.

These two factors mean that telematics service providers and telematics companies must provide top-notch services in order to help ensure that the insurance industry is successfully keeping up with the continually evolving driver’s landscape. This is exactly why Xemplar boasts a wide array of value-added services ahead of their time! The following features will help your insurance business stay light years ahead of the market curve:

  • Automatic e-Calls (emergency calls) to emergency services in instances of vehicle accidents and crashes
  • B-Call (breakdown call) services for roadside assistance
  • Problem diagnostic services
  • Remote vehicle monitoring
  • Theft tracking in case of stolen vehicles

In addition to a multitude of in-car services, Xemplar further provides auto insurance carriers with direct marketing tools to help vastly improve your customer engagement practices. As digital products and interfaces transform the way that consumers and businesses interact, Xemplar is there to help your insurance company reach its maximum potential.

Interested in learning more about what Xemplar’s special telematics services can do for your business and your customers? Feel free to contact us to speak with a sales representative or to receive a free quote! Please allow 24 hours for a response.