Navigation from Telematics


Navigation from telematics is all about guiding your vehicles to safe destinations. You’ve been doing your research on mobile telematics applications, telematics service providers to understand the pros and cons of different solutions, weighing certain features against each other. Discounted policy premiums, rewards for good driving behavior, safer roads for all drivers and passengers thanks to telematics GPS. . . it sounds rather nice, right?

But when it comes down to it, you might be thinking, mobile telematics applications are essentially fancy GPS software. Can’t Siri on your iPhone or Google provide the same features? What exactly is the Xemplar advantage, and how can you and your customers get the most out of it?

Of course, the daily functions of Xemplar’s app are heavily based on navigation features and their “offshoots”. Such is the beautiful simplicity of our product! Not only does Xemplar offer the now-traditional aspects of global positioning systems -- such as live traffic and weather warnings, shortcut identification, and parking assistance -- our framework is set up to offer helpful suggestions based on built-in crash detection technologies that gather data on hard brakes or times of rapid acceleration or deceleration. Wireless telematics services are an integral part of the fabric of any successful mobile telematics solution. Integration of wireless telematics features into smart devices allows collaboration between other vehicle owners and drivers through social media for tips on quickly and safely navigating the best routes to your destination.

While mobile telematics applications are outwardly based on pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) capabilities, it is our navigation system that reinforces safe driving habits. Here are the primary navigation features supported by Xemplar:

  • Merging of Cloud and SaaS data storage with personalized guidance for policyholders.
  • A telematics GPS system that can distinguish between primary car drivers, secondary drivers, and even separate data for drivers versus non-drivers.
  • Highly advanced geo-fencing tools that swiftly notify you if you or another person is operating the vehicle outside of a pre-determined parameter.
  • Teen Driving Program and Parent Portal.
  • Navigation from telematics works in conjunction with Xemplar’s geo-fencing tools in order to keep beginners safe as they learn how to drive.

All of this data is channeled directly towards creating policies and plans that benefit both the insurer and the customer. Our programs are carefully designed to enhance your policyholders’ safety, and in turn reduce claims filed and maximize your profits. It’s a win-win for both sides!

For more information on how Xemplar’s navigation system can transform your business and your clients’ experience, get in touch with us to obtain a free quote or speak to one of our sales representatives. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.