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Xemplar Telematics Solutions provide a digital platform to
intelligently transform the way insurance carriers collect,
analyze and apply valuable insights to their business.
It opens a new engagement channel with their policyholders
leading to better driving habits, right-priced premiums and
customer retention.
Xemplar Telematics Solutions provide the data necessary to
design insurance programs which appeal to both personal
and commercial auto policyholders. Carriers can realize better
business outcomes in the form of lower claims and costs,
increased ROI and improved bottom line.

Xemplar Auto

A unified solution for Personal Auto Insurers to experience the benefits of increased profitability and customer retention

Xemplar Auto Insurance
Xemplar Fleet Telematics

Xemplar Fleet

A unified solution for Commercial Auto Insurers to explore new opportunities for risk management and enhanced customer service


Enabling efficient claims handling and advanced risk mitigation

Powerful data-driven insights empower your organization with a high level of
transparency and deliver a strong defense against fraudulent claims.


We Partner with Nation Safe Drivers and Quest to Provide
Seamless RSA Experience for all Xemplar Users

Nation Safe Drivers